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  • The Good Choices Ph™ Bottled Vegan Bagoong
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    The Good Choices™ Bagoong

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    The Good Choices™ Embutido

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  • The Good Choices™ Frozen Lechon Kawali
    TGC Products 500g

    The Good Choices™ Pinoy Lechon Kawali

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  • TGC Products 700g

    The Good Choices™ Tocino

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  • positive review  Bought the sisig dynamite earlier @ BHS. I still can’t believe how the “sisig” tastes like real sisig, and one of the best sisig I’ve had so far. 😮😮😮

    thumb Janet Rillon

    positive review  tastes like the real deal and much healthier.

    thumb Em Villanueva

    positive review  finally no animals harmed in creating comfort foods

    thumb Maria Retina C Sarmiento

    positive review  The Good Choices is arguably the best Vegan food provider in the country. All of their dishes are excellent and they also sell everything at a surprisingly decent price. ♥️♥️♥️

    thumb Kris Soliongco
  • positive review  Makes going vegan easy. Tastes like the real thing😊

    thumb Libby Lavarro

    positive review  greatest Filipino comfort breakfast food veganized!💚♥️ thank you for existing!

    thumb Amie Mendoza Mabalay Cornista

    positive review  Yumm love the tocino! Would like to order more

    thumb Gina Santi

    positive review  All their products so yummy and heathly

    thumb Sheela Cilian
  • positive review  we love the longanisa and tocino. guilt free breakfast!

    thumb Juvy Polancos

    positive review  Tocino. I'm not vegan but my partner is, and when she made me taste the tocino, I swear I couldn't believe it was not meat, I still don't. Haha! that's how good my experience was. I am so impressed, I will actually order my own tocino.

    thumb Ragus Lumagod

    positive review  good for vegans. Healthy and delicious. great value for money.

    thumb Edna Lola Aktibista Aquino

    positive review  Tastes like the real thing!!

    thumb Jeremy Vincent Cuizon
  • positive review  Love their Sisig and Tofu Scramble...thank you from Team CocoaPhil.☺🤗

    thumb Kee DC Seyer

    positive review  Love the sinigang and tocino! Healthy and yummy!

    thumb Apple Salcedo Cauilan

    5 star review  Super fast transaction. Inquired how to order last night, paid last night, goods delivered last night. Sarap ng tocino and scrambled tofu. I'm not Vegan, pero this is a very healthy alternative sa mga processed meat na favorite ng mga bagets. ♥

    thumb Nina S Matamorosa

    5 star review  Super! I’m a wife who’s vegan and not into “meat” hunt since I love veggies and fruits as they were but my husband’s interested to follow my journey to veganism but it’s not easy for him for he cannot stand the crunch of just vegetable and fruits and he keeps relying on real meat, but in compromise I asked him if I can find and cook him vegan “meat” would he consider at least at home—we found you!!! All the ones we tried were awesomely delicious he’s into it and been eating this at home for a month now!! Yey saving lots of animals by helping out people like my husband, thank you The Good Choices Ph, saraaaaap!! And fast transaction by the way ��

    thumb Andrew-Jenna Ras
  • 4 star review  Tried most of their products and I love good tapa and longanisa

    thumb Gilda Martinez

    5 star review  Very tasty, good for kids baon, and most of all a very healthy viand.

    thumb Sharon Rogando-Brojan

    5 star review  Good for the health, keeping you fit and deliciously like real meat. This is the best choice I've ever made.

    thumb Ren Maduro

    4 star review  We've tried their sisig from Imus outlet and hands down SUPERB! Ang bango bango ng mixture straight from the pouch, hindi pa yon luto ah! Elders in the family are bit commenting on the sisig as bit on the salty side. I figured maybe its an isolated case for that batch of goodies. Overall I just adjusted to our elder's taste buds by reheating the sisig with a bit more water. oh it turned out still pretty tasty. Thank you for offering this healthy option outside Metro Manila!

    thumb Sheila Flores
  • 5 star review  They reply immediately. Fast and efficient delivery. Very accommodating too. Great customer service! I ordered The good tapa, the good tocino, the good longganisa, and the good sisig! The best!

    thumb Imee Palogan

    5 star review  Good food 100% Tastes good, a must try for vegetarian people!

    thumb Klien Keidrake Syed Dacasin

    5 star review  I ordered their Tocino, Longganisa and Tapa. When I was first cooked the Tocino, I had to check again if it was vegan because it looked like meat! Not that appearance matters. Taste is on point! Will definitely order again!

    thumb Tin Verdot

    5 star review  I love their tapa!!!! ^_^ it's my first time to order from them at the sunday market.. they were very generous and they even gave me and my friend alex a lot of freebies... The nice lady gave me vegan longganisa. I would definitely order again. I hope they'll make some vegan spicy curry or spicy caldereta. You must try it!!!! <3

    thumb Canda Moon

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We, at the Good Choices™ Ph, a plant-based specialty food store put a lot of focus on making The Good Choices™ accessible and convenient, hence our online ordering system, nationwide delivery service, and network of partner stores and establishments. The Good Choices™ is also visible in weekend markets and bazaars throughout Metro Manila.

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