The Good Choices™ TAPA


The distinct salty and peppery flavor that will kick-start your morning! Savor the delightful marriage of sliced meat and spices without the beef. Tapsilog can once again become a staple on the breakfast table!



The distinct salty and “peppery” flavor that will really KICK-start your everyday! Taste the passionate marriage of sliced beef and spices WITHOUT THE BEEF!
The Good Tapa contains THREE TIMES THE PROTEIN CONTENT PER Gram of its meat counterpart making it the best choice for health and satisfaction.

How healthy our Tapa? For one serving of Tapa (approx 75g):

Calories: 140g
Fat: 4g (and is 0g saturated)
Protein: 8g
510 mg salt

Our product contains Soy Protein, Water, Vegetable oil, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Spices, contains wheat & gluten.

Weight700 g


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