The Good Choices™ Tocino


Sweet and salty “Pork” belly but WITHOUT THE PORK! It is low in Cholesterol and high in Fiber. Going back to the days of having this as a staple again does not have to be with guilt. Each juicy bite explodes with flavor making you look forward to having breakfast again the next day. Kids love it! Perfect for baon and even for lunch and dinner on the go.


Just put contents in a pan and cook for 10-12 minutes, no thawing required. Can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.
Complete the “Vegan-silog“ experience, as The Good Tocino is best with Fried Rice and our Tofu-Scramble with salted Tomatoes or Vinegar.

How healthy our Tocino? For one serving of Tocino, you need about a (*insert approximate number/pieces of tocino*) (approx 75g):

Calories: 180g
Fat: 4g (and is 0g saturated)
Protein: 10g
540 mg salt

Our product contains Soy Protein, Water, Vegetable oil, Spices, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Annatto Powder, contains wheat & gluten.

Weight 700 g


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